Family Office

Asset Management / Investment Services

  • Diagnosis of your overall financial situation
  • Defining investment objectives of the family
  • Establishing risk profile and investment horizon
  • Global asset allocation and investment strategy
  • Evaluation of non-registered securities
  • Administration of and advice on your banking relationships
  • Opening of bank accounts on behalf of the family
  • Discretionary and non-discretionary mandates

Monitoring and Reporting Services

  • Consolidated reporting of global bank accounts
  • Consolidation and reporting of all family assets (including non-bankable assets)
  • Consolidated performance reporting
  • Risk adjusted performance reporting and risk attribution
  • Benchmark comparison
  • Fiscal annual performance
  • Risk reporting
  • Offering an online reporting system

Budget & Cash Flow Management Services

  • Assessment of your actual wealth and current income, diagnosis of short and medium term liquidity requirements and long-term goals
  • Cash flow projection
  • Private accounting
  • Cash management (bill paying, cash flow, budgeting, etc)

Wealth Planning Services

  • Structuring of assets and investments to aid in tax planning
  • Advising on ownership, management and distribution of your assets
  • Asset Protection structures

Taxes / Double Tax Treaty Planning Services

  • Double tax treaty planning for family owned companies and real estate
  • Local and international tax advice
  • Fiscal company migration
  • Preparation of your tax returns (incl. your country of residence)
  • Swiss tax advice

Trustee and Corporate Services

  • Advice on issues of corporate incorporation and management in various jurisdictions
  • Manage family shareholdings
  • Selection of appropriate jurisdiction for trust, foundation and other (corporate) structures
  • Set-up, administration and coordination of trust, foundation and other (corporate) structures
  • Coordination of contacts with various local and foreign authorities
  • Selection of independent trustees and protectors
  • Cost control of external Trust providers
  • Providing registered office facilities
  • Providing nominee services

Estate Planning Services

  • Support with estate planning
  • Support with drafting of testament/last will
  • Marital contract planning
  • Support with prenuptial agreements
  • Retirement planning
  • Executorships

International Relocation Services

  • Analysing tax and other benefits of international relocation
  • Support with change of domicile
  • Organization of international residence permits
  • Assistance with locating and applying to foreign schools
  • Coordination of contacts with all involved authorities (federal, kantonal and municipal)
  • Support with Lump-sum negotiations in Switzerland

Real Estate Services

  • Real estate advisory
  • Bespoke property search
  • Access to off-market luxurious properties
  • Creating property portfolio
  • Administrative property acquisition support
  • Support with sale of real estate
  • (International) real estate management
  • Security protection of private residences
  • Organising security protection of private residences
  • Real estate financing / mortgage

Aircraft, Yacht, Art, Horses and alike

  • Support with acquisition and sale of yachts, aircrafts, (classic) cars, horses and other valuables
  • Aircraft and yacht financing
  • Refinancing of aircrafts, yachts and review of existing arrangements
  • Set-up of (tax-efficient) structures for yachts, aircrafts, art and alike
  • Providing digital images and condition reports of art in an online system
  • Recording of insurance details of your assets
  • Organising restoration and storage of art

Business Development / Investment Banking / Private Equity Services

  • Merger & Acquisition advisory
  • Support with Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Structured finance
  • Partner matching
  • Support with raising equity finance
  • Private equity investments and structures

Insurance Services

  • Evaluating a portfolio of insurances and implementing new insurance policies
  • Renegotiating and amending of existing policies
  • Support with life insurance as a wealth planning tool
  • Organising international health insurance
  • Support with kidnap & ransom insurance
  • International personal liability insurance
  • Insurance related to special assets like aircrafts, yachts, art and alike

Charity & Philanthropy Services

  • Philanthropic planning
  • Assistance and accompaniment in the establishment of charitable foundations and their administration
  • Support with formulating a donor’s giving strategy
  • Technical advice and operational management of charities
  • Formation of grant-making foundations and trusts
  • Preparation and presentation of philanthropic initiatives
  • Organising a fund raiser
  • Operate an own charitable structure (by the family office) for clients to participate in

Family Governance Services

  • Support with bringing family governance in to place
  • Arrangements for succession within the company
  • Support with legacy protection
  • Set up of a family constitution
  • Organising family retreats and family assemblies
  • Support family council meetings
  • Offer mentoring to family members
  • Individual education according to family members needs

Administrative Services

  • Support with general legal issues
  • Document & record management
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Collection and filing of your administrative documents
  • Payment of invoices and taxes, and arranging tax compliance

Family / General Support

  • Travel arrangements
  • Private secretary
  • Concierge services
  • Research of domestic staff (nannies, chefs, chauffeurs, private tutors and other household staff)
  • Managing your household employees
  • Private event organization (weddings, celebrations, birthday parties, etc.)
  • Schooling – supporting your children
  • Purchasing, insuring and shipping of assets


  • Access to an international network of peer families, to provide opportunities for co-investment and best practice sharing
  • Support in setting up a single family office

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