Trading Right from the beginning

Our Approach

From an upstanding start in Dubai 15 years ago, we have greatly developed our network in four countries from our headquarters in Dubai. Our geographic presence allows us to localize our services and be close to our customers.

We carefully select services and products to distribute in and around the GCC, with a  portfolio of brands that have common values and vision. The success of our collaborations with valued brands is based on our strong belief to build a sustainable future for generations to come.

We care about business growth as much as we do about the impact it has on the planet and the people who live in it. We take pride to inform and educate professionals and consumers on the services and products we unveil in the region. This has led us to deepen our relationships with selected partners with special initiatives such as the environmental and animal welfare within the communities in which we work. The combined effort of strategic distribution and engagement with customers maximizes value creation and increases economic profit. We have become a partner of choice for the brands that share our values, and pride ourselves on working with established brands who want to explore and expand in the Middle East as well as make a difference in the world.

We bring local and regional expertise with a global view.

Our Partners

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